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    Arts, history, nature, experience

    Here Santiago’s walk cross Via Francigena. Here was Leonardo, young genius.
    Here Pinocchio puppet freed itself from the threads.
    Pistoia is the crossroad of your the untried experiences.

    Before however, linger in the intricate embroidery of the downtown streets. Browse through the historic shops, smell the typical products (you will discover that there are the "hedgehog" confett). And listen. Pistoia has a typical own vibe that mix organ notes and the best Blues, to the voices’sbuzz, to the clink of ice in glasses

    Take your time for good wine and chat. You will learn about an Underground Pistoia, that in nurseries we go to dinner, that historic trains still travel, that events like Pistoia Blues, the big festivals, the Giostra dell’Orso await you.

    Without realizing it, you will find yourself at a more relaxed pace.

    Perhaps you were lost. But what does it matter, now it's time to put the accent on yourself and find yourself again.

    Here, in Pistoia..

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Pistoia Experience Card

Pistoia by hand

The most awaited and welcome guests are given a copy of the house keys.

Pistoia Experience Card will be your key: let the doors of churches, museums, historic houses and libraries and many other experiences open up.

Ask for it and keep it always with you: it will guide you to the best that the territory offers and to the emotions that the city offers you, indicating conventions and discounts.

The card is free, it will be yours by filling in a simple form.

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